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The OstomyPocket consists of 2 pieces: a strip for the outside of the undergarment with the snap caps and the OstomyPocket with the snap studs for inside the undergarment (underwear or T-shirts). No Sewing Required. The picture below shows the 2 pieces. White pocket with white snaps. . 
Made in the USA. 

Please continue reading for installation tips. (More pictures and special notes, at the end of this page).

Installation Tips:

(The pictures below are for demonstration purposes only and the OstomyPocket locations may vary by individual and undergarment).

1. While wearing your undergarment and ostomy bag, determine where on the garment to attach the OstomyPocket by
placing the OstomyPocket between the undergarment and the ostomy bag making sure the bottom of the ostomy bag is within 1/2 inch of the bottom of the OstomyPocket.

The inside view below shows an idea where the OstomyPocket might attach on the inside of underwear.

2. Identify or remember the position where the top of the OstomyPocket will be attached to the inside of the undergarment. It should be attached below the stoma depending on the stoma location and undergarment style. We recommend that the ostomy bag be approximately 1/2 inch from the bottom of the OstomyPocket.

3. Remove your undergarment and line up the OstomyPocket inside the undergarment (without the strip containing the snap caps) to the identified top spot.

4. Take the strip with the snap caps and attach it through the undergarment to the snap studs on the OstomyPocket on inside as shown in the example pictures below (the 2nd picture is with the underwear turned inside-out). When attaching the product, make sure you apply the strip snaps by pressing around the outside edges of the strip snaps until locked on. You may not hear a snap but it will attach.

5. Put undergarment back on and place your ostomy bag into the OstomyPocket. The bottom of the ostomy bag should be within 1/2 inch of the bottom of the OstomyPocket. This again depends on stoma location and undergarment style. See picture below. 

Inside underwear view below with bag inserted.

AddItional inside (you will only see the pocket) & outside (you will only see the strip) views of OstomyPocket with briefs for men, and rest are women. Please continue to see the Notes following these 10 pictures.

- You can attach the OstomyPocket while wearing your undergarment, but it may be easier with the above mentioned method.

- When you empty the ostomy bag, because the OstomyPocket is attached to your undergarment, there is no need to remove it. 

- Remove the strip and OstomyPocket to wash and dry to reuse as needed. If you prefer or have more than one OstomyPocket, they can remain attached to your undergarment during the washer and dryer cycles. 

- These snaps will NOT work on heavy materials like heavy flannel or heavy sweat pants and will not go through seams or waist bands.

- When shipped to you, there is a strip of material between the strip and the Pocket. This should be used when the OstomyPocket is not in use or stored. Plastic snaps have memory and this helps retain their shape.

If YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY SNAPPING THE PIECES TO THE UNDERWEAR, you can use pliers and GENTLY squeeze the snaps together. DO NOT squeeze hard, they will crack. It only takes a little pressure to attach with pliers.


Materials Used: Made in the USA
- Pocket and the Strip are 100% Wicking Polyester
- Snaps are Plastic
30 Day Guarantee  Patent # D61831